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The Norwegian Table is a online magazine about Norwegian food. Past, present and future.

The first issue starts out with a rather unlikely dish-porridge, an almost forgotten food. In Norway however it's alive and kicking, in its many forms. It's a traditional food that still warms the insides on a windy autumn day or sweetens a holiday gathering.

Besides recipes and articles about food there will also be articles about cooking utensils, cookbooks and the dishes the food is served on.

For those visiting Norway there will be tips on where to eat, for the busy business person as well as the adventurous tourist.

One common thread that goes throughout Norwegian cuisine past and present is the use of nature itself as an active ingredient. It is not uncommon for a city dweller to be out picking mushrooms an autumn day or nettles in the spring for a favorite soup.

As your host I would like to welcome you to our magazine and thank you for coming. We hope you will enjoy yourself.