GRIDDLE GREATS Long before electricity and designer kitchens there was the hearth and then wood burning stoves. From them the griddle was born, perhaps a decedent of a flat heated stone, who knows? What ever the case a griddle is as practical as a spoon, but sadly regulated to memory by most. You might just associate griddles with pancakes, but for preparing many ethnic foods a griddle is a useful.
In Norway a griddle is an indispensable for preparing basics, such as flat bread, lompe (a type of soft tortilla) or svelle, the Norwegian equivalent of American pancakes.
In a pinch a cast iron frying pan will do. A griddle gives the added advantage of a much larger cooking surface, quicker and more even baking.
For heavy duty food preparation there are large electric griddles. For more daily use there are smaller metal griddles that are placed right on the burner, such as the one produced by Hardangermaskin in Norheimslund, Norway (see advertisement, click yellow to right).

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