It is Easter break here in Norway. For many Norwegians this means the call of the mountains. After a long, dark, cold, snowy winter and when the first signs of spring appear Norwegians long for the cold, snowy, but sunny mountains and skiing. It is perhaps a little difficult to understand why they seem to chase after snow when just a few days before they were cursing a late snowstorm for covering newly emerging daffodils. Perhaps it is the attraction of hot and cold together.
And with all this out door activity it is not perhaps the time for cooking. Anything that is prepared has got to be light and can travel well since it is going to be put in a backpack. That usually means open-faced sandwiches (smorbrod), thermoses of something warm, definitely oranges, and perhaps a kvikklunsj. That's a chocolate covered wafer candy bar.
Of course Easter morning the Easter rabbit has left a large colorful egg filled with chocolate and marzipan candies. Marzipan is a great favorite here in Norway. At holiday times it comes in many forms. Right now you can buy marzipan chicks and bunnies and chocolate covered marzipan eggs.
Many still prefer to make their own marzipan. It is surprisingly easy to make and children love sculpting it into shapes. Follow this link to our Marzipan recipe and marzipan ideas. Marzipan recipe