In Norway there's a saying that a dear child has many names. If that is the case Norwegian potato balls are dearly loved. They go by many names; kumle, klumpe, boller, raspeboller, but they are basically the same, potato through and through.
Now a dearly loved child isn't necessarily loved for it's beauty and that happens to be the case with Raspeballer. They have the appearance of a well-used croquet ball. Fortunately for raspeballers beauty or unbeauty is more than skin deep. In the center of each kumle there usually is a piece of smoked meat; a sort of incentive to keep going. True kumleeaters however swear to pure unadulterated potato balls- no middle incentive.
On the second day Raspeballer can be slice and fried. And for some, this is the preferred way to eat them.
So what ever you choose to call them, know that while you are eating and enjoying them, you are sharing with a whole nation in the pride and love of a cherished one.
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