LUTEFISK¤ Drøbak is that small coastal town close to Oslo. The center is charming, with its narrow up and down windy streets and the houses from centuries past. It's just the kind of town for a tongue in cheek lutefisk museum. It gives you an idea of the type of people lutefisk lovers are; deadly serious about their fish but still not taking themselves too seriously.
Lutefisk is cod that has been specially pre-treated with lute. This is a traditional preservation technique. Before preparing the dish the fish is soaked in quantities of water to remove the lute.
If lutefisk is the heart of the meal you might say the accompany condiments are the brain. They get the meal moving. At the same time they are not at all complicated, just things like mustard, bacon, peas.
The museum is located right next to the harbor and annexed to a aquarium. It's also a stones throw from
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