THE NOSE BURNER ¤ While the warmth and heat of summer and spring are distant memories and present hopes here in Norway, one pleasant and quick way to warm up is with a Trondheim Nose Burner. While this may sound like a wrestling hold, it's really the name of a soup. A very simple to make meat soup. I had grown up with this soup and we had always just called it by the generic name of 'meat soup'. I was later informed by friends that it has a by far more distinguished and colorful name.
In any case it's easy to make. The heat in the name comes of course from the temperature and the generous addition of pepper for seasoning.



1lb soup meat
assortment of root vegtables (potatoes, carrots, rutebago, etc.)
vegtable oil
salt, peppar

cut meat to 1 in. cubes, brown in oil. Add water, bring to a boil.Peel and cut vegtables, add to meat. Simmer until vegtables are tender. Season with salt and pepper.
Serve with knekke bread, flat bread, bread.
Is better second day.

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