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About Uffda

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Uffda link site. Your first question might be, "Why- why a link site dedicated to Norway and things Norwegian?". Well, there is a lot of interest in Norway and there are a lot of excellent Norwegian sites around in English and other languages. So putting those two together the result became Uffda.

At Uffda we see our site as the next best thing to visiting Norway. So sit back and enjoy the ride. What ever your interest are we try to find a site for you.

Uffda is a family site and meant for all family members.

We have tried, and are trying to make Uffda accessible to as many browses and users as possible.The site is built up using Cascading Style Sheets and a minimal of images. This enhances downloading time and the site is also accessible for the visually impaired and those using browser readers.

One note about the name of our site. We chose Uffda, because it's a funny and very human kind of a word. It's a Norwegian exclamation, meaning about anything depending on the situation. We chose it because it is a fun word. It reflects our hope that you will find Uffda a enjoyable,useful, informative, helpful, interesting, and fun site.

We will gratefully listen and consider any suggestions you may have, so please drop us a line,